Absorption Chillers

Capacity: 50 ~ 3000 RT
World Class 1.51 COP
Absorber: LiBr
Types: Direct (Gas / Oil) Fired Chiller
Steam Fired Chiller
Hot Water Fired Chiller

  •   High performance COP 1.51
    LG Absorption chiller achieves COP 1.51 through cycle optimization design.

  • Economical operation with high part load efficiency
    LG’s absorption chiller achieves high part-load efficiency.

  • Stainlees ssteel tube with powerful heat exchange efficiency & corrosion resistance
    Specially designed stainless steel(STS) tube achieved powerful heat transfer performance which is nearly same as copper tube’s performance.

  • Specially designed stainless steel(STS) tube has much lower corrosiveness compared to copper tube.

  • Gravity loading tray type dropping
    LG developed tray type distributer instead of nozzle type.

  • series flow with inverter pump control
    By utilizing Series Flow and inverter pump, it becomes easier to control absorbent flow along the pipe line.

  • self-diagnosis functions(Crystallization prevention, equipment safeties, freezing prevention, leakage detection)
    Equipment safeties
    Prevention of crystallization and frozen burst (caused by maintenance error)
    Self-diagnosis of equipment facility at start-up (Chilled water / Cooling water pump, Cooling tower interlock)

  • Anti-freezing protection

  • Crystallization prevention

  • Overload of heat source prevention

  • Combustion safeties

  • Easy transport by 3 part partition
    3 Parts partition provides transport convenience that can carry product through the narrow passage.

  • Simple pipe cleaning, Purging system
    Tube cleaning is more rapid, simple and cost saving without the pipe fitting disassembly.

  • Maintain stable vacuum condition by avoiding liquid carry over and oil backflow when blackout or emergency stop occur.

  • Easy BMS interface
    Intelligent building management system with BMS communication function.

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