Air Cooled Screw Chillers

Capacity: 80 ~ 500 RT
Refrigerant: R- 134a

  •   High efficiency compressor with superior rotor and motor
    Screw compressor is achieved high efficiency through patented design rotors & semi-hermetic motor.

  • Improved Part Load Efficiency
    Economizer cycle and refrigerant level control improve part load efficiency.


  • Variable Diffuser
    Variable diffuser enlarge safety operation range at low load and prevent surge.


  • ODP=0, R-134a refrigerant
    ODP Free R-134a Refrigerant

  • Corrosion Resistance GoldfinTM
    Adapting patented GoldfinTM, corrosion resistance increased.

  • Low vibration & Low noise operation
    Noise is much reduced up to 6dB(A) utilizing various sound attenuation technologies.

  • Multi circuit for back up operationMulti circuit for back up operation enables one circuit to operate continuously, whether another circuit has a trouble or be repaired.

  • Safety control system using sensors & switches
    Through product protection devices and high performance digital sensors, Air Cooled Screw Chiller can avoid the damage, thereby increasing reliability.

  • User friendly controller(Modbus, BACnet, TCP/IP)
    High Quality 7” LCD screen offers various functions for easy operation & maintenance.

  • Intuitive central control (Easy remote monitoring & control)
    One integrated controller can monitor and control whole units.

  • Easy BMS interface
    Intelligent building management system with BMS communication function.

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