Centrifugal Chillers


Capacity: 200 ~ 3000 RT
World Class 6.7 COP
Refrigerant: R- 134a

  •   2 Stage Cycle
    LG can provide high energy performance with optimized 2 stage refrigeration cycle.


  • Improved Part Load Efficiency
    Economizer cycle and refrigerant level control improve part load efficiency.


  • Variable Diffuser
    Variable diffuser enlarge safety operation range at low load and prevent surge.


  • LG Compressor Technology
    Optimized LG impeller/Gear/Bearing design technology maximize compressor life cycle.


  • Semi-hermetic motor
    LG Centrifugal chiller using hermetic motor is leak tight.

LG Centrifugal chiller using hermetic motor don’t need additional air conditioning system and mechanical ventilation.

  • Safety Protections
    LG provide stable operation with safety controls.

  • Robust Lubrication and Sound Performance

  • Performance Certification(AHRI)

  • World class factory performance test facility
    Ensure the Reliability of Chiller Performance with the Largest Test Facility approved by AHRI 550/590 Certification.

  • Eco-Friendly

  • User Friendly Controller
    High Quality 7” Display Screen and Variable Communication Ports for Easy Operation & Maintenance.

  • Capacity Range: 200RT~6,000RT (per unit) @AHRI condition

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