Operation and Maintenance

Our presence and qualified team offer a prompt follow up to our clients. By scheduling a periodic and/or as-required inspection, maintenance, or repair of equipment during and after warranty period.

Rapid response, technical deep understanding, professional site inspectors, well trained engineers and technicians are the key words in the services offered.

ECS, proposes preventive maintenance contracts and long-term operation and maintenance contracts for our products and for the whole electro-mechanical equipment and works. Our goal is to offer after sales services that aim at optimizing an effective value at the maximum efficiency.
ECS service team of engineers and technicians are carefully selected and well-trained, equipped with strong  support by our partners; LG and GE.

We maintain and update records of service history provided by ECS service team, we provide our customers with technical support as well as keeping all possible needed spare parts, tools, and special tools in our warehouse.

By adopting a flexible and innovative approach, our service team has been able to create a comprehensive portfolio of products and services, all of which can be tailored to suit even the most demanding requirements facing our customers.

However, in case of any comparisons with other business competitors, ECS got the reasons and the capabilities that put its services at a highly favorable degree for all partners to work with, for all your after-sales and service requirements.

Having the strong experience in the industry for many years we have maintained and repaired hundreds of chillers, pumps, cooling towers, generators and other electro-mechanical equipment. Our wealth of experience, product knowledge and contacts has proven a benchmark to any of our competitors, and also to many business clients we work with. Our growing list of satisfied clients demonstrates the high standards of work we achieve.

We are rightly proud of our strong reputation in the chillers’ industry in particular. In addition, you will have the advantage of full access to senior staff members for professional advices and workmanship.

Basically, we offer all services any other company could, but with an added eagerness and interest to give you a greater cost saving, yet still producing the highest professional service and expertise you would ever expect.

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