ECS believes that the cornerstone of success is a sound corporate governance strategy that values ethical business integrity and corporate responsibility. Our corporate governance framework is guided by the scale, scope, and complexity of the company’s business as well as shareholders’ vision, with an eye to establishing a professional, transparent, and ethical organization.

Over and above, our corporate governance structure has laid the groundwork for a clear separation between management and shareholders to ensure we mitigate conflict of interest throughout our operations, to comply with both local and international models for governance, and ensure we operate with full transparency across our functions.

Our diverse and highly competent board of directors guides the organization with integrity and preserving value, ensuring that every facet of the organization runs in a sustainable and ethical manner through strong risk conduct and internal control systems. They are entrusted with the oversight of operations, the sound management of material matters that pose risks to the company or to which the company could pose impacts, and provide the strategy by which the management team can supervise the day-to-day business operations.