Energy Solutions

Energy solutions are the heart of our business. Since establishment, we’ve decided to deliver sustainable energy solutions that mitigate the carbon footprint. As such, we turned our focus on developing practical clean energy solutions that deliver maximum impact.  Our expertise in energy solutions gave us a deep knowledge of the conventional energy market and our forward-thinking strategies gave us a first mover advantage in the burgeoning clean energy space. Since then, we’ve not just evolved with the clean-energy industry, but we’ve driven change within it.

Our primary goal is to produce sustainable energy in Egypt and Africa by introducing new environmental energy technologies that ensure the sustainable disposal of hazardous waste by repurposing it into viable energy sources. We develop waste-to-energy solutions utilizing state-of-the-art technologies to produce the safest clean energy possible for clients. Our engineering teams design, build, install, and operate projects to this effect for hundreds of clients, with each one tailored to their industry, their needs, and their budgets.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas Sector is a very ancient business sector in Egypt, in which it is very selective towards trust worthy business partners, and that is where ECS expertise come to work.

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Biogas plants utilize organic materials such as those found on farms to generate biogas, a renewable fuel source, and in turn renewable power through cogeneration..

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Power Generation

Projects that combine climate protection and economical primary power generation have come into increased focus.

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Waste-to-Energy Solutions

Industries and plants produce effluents with a high organic load that are typically disposed of as waste.

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ECS provide a solution to the high-energy costs that wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) operators pay to meet their discharge…

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Our sound financial capabilities, as well as banking facilities, uniquely position ECS to deliver build, own, operate (BOO)…

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Petroleum gas is associated with medium to high levels of methane, N2, and CO2, all of which contribute to the corrosion…

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